Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Times of Genocide

How do we define race? Could the mere family unit constitute a kind of race? Would not then the destruction of the family unit be a form of genocide? I mean if you destroy a family, and hence it's capacity for a lasting legacy, a chance to raise up a whole endless fount of posterity under the name and legacy of that family then haven't you destroyed a race? Doesn't every family have the capacity to, in theory, become a race unto itself? Then what of the practices of abortion? What of rendering the view of 'family' beyond the realm of even the possibility of self-sufficient procreation, or procreation beyond the bounds of the family? Are not all these forms of a more subtle genocide?

What if we define race as a group that have a common past or future? All aborted would then constitute an inevitable genocide executed.

With simple actions echoing throughout this world for all eternity what is to be said of these, seemingly relatively small, rips in the overriding cognitive fabric of humanity? Do we think we can justify such under the determination to have, and exercise "choice" even when it destroys the capacity of other beings to have such? Apparently some do. There will be hell to pay. Some time all these actions, whether done by pornographers, whoremongers, warmongers or just your average citizen in their shallow pursuit of 'self-fulfillment' or relatively instant self-gratification or evasion of responsibility for previous actions, be they mistakes, or not.


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